Japanese Cuisine Cooking Class at Palate Sensations

August 13 2012

Palate Sensations Cooking School,
Chromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, Singapore, 138670

Palate Sensations Cooking School

Chromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, Singapore, 138670

Love Japanese food? Want to learn to make the basic comfort foods. Come join Palate Sensations as Chef Amelia Seko guides you through the basis in a hand-on cooking class.

An appetizer of savory steamed egg custard that usually contains pieces of chicken, shrimp, fish cake and a ginko nut, Literally, it means ‘tea cup steam’ or ‘steamed in a tea bowl’.

Agedashi Tofu
Deep fried tofu pieces served in a hot tentsuyu broth (dashi, mirin and shoyu) topped with chopped spring onions and grated daikon or katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes).

Seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and other pieces of food coated with tempura batter and deep-fried. Tempura was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century, but has become one of Japan's most famous dishes internationally.

Zaru Soba
Cold buckwheat noodles served with a tsuyu (soy based dipping sauce) accompanied with wasabi (horseradish), nori (seaweed) and negi (Japanese leek).