Atelier S P A C E || Singapore
10-11-17 to 12-11-17
National Gallery Singapore
1 St Andrew's Rd, 178957
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Join DESIGN KOMPANY for the popup zinemaking workshop, Atelier S P A C E in Singapore. They’ll be meeting at the National Gallery to start the conversations in this three-day, hands-on experiential program. Meetpoint: a location within the National Gallery to be shared with registered guests *only*. The 3-day event starts at 7PM on Friday. Atelier S P A C E will convene a unique small group of you (no more than 8), who are ready to try something different, and get to know one in a surprising way, too. Called by guests of past events ‘refreshingly honest,’ and ‘a breath of fresh air,’ the ateliers open a particular quality of space for people to let go and relax, for a time. This edition of Atelier S P A C E pops up in coincidence with the Singapore Writers Festival, and is inspired by that festival’s 2015 workshop, ‘Art of Not Knowing.’

Making a time-bound space for true exploration, serendipity, real collaboration, an egoless approach to creating something, and the chance encounter make Atelier S P A C E what it is. It’s playful. Light, and fun. DK’s been creating salons, workshops, roundtables and more since 2006.

Atelier S P A C E discovers people and places, packing hyperlocal narratives into short zines made on the spot, in real life, together. Experience it. Atelier S P A C E is set to take place for the first time in Singapore over the 10-12 November weekend.

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