When someone says the words “skin analysis” to me, I usually get an overwhelming urge to bolt for the door. Fuelled by far too much, and generally unsolicited, scare-mongering advice thrown at me during more facials than I care to recall. Such as, “Have you thought about having that removed?”, or, “oh dear, if you don’t do something about that now, it’s really going to be a problem in later years”, and “your skin looks really tired.”

Excuse me, but I booked a facial to feel better about myself, not be left wondering whether I should have face change!!!

And so it was a hugely refreshing change that when we were invited to try out the facial services at Estetica’s Orchard outlet and had our skin analysis, that we didn’t make a run for it, but actually, sat back, relaxed and listened with all ears. Taking a soft, educational approach, it perfectly set the scene for the treatment to come. And remarkably, I left feeling quite a bit wiser about my skin thanks to the knowledge imparted on me. Learning point: What we think our skin needs is likely to be the exact opposite of what is actually needs!

Thanks to a facial customized to my needs based on the results of my skin analysis, I was recommended to have the 90 minute Derma Clam Facial, one of Estetica’s best-selling and award-winning facials. Feeling admittedly worn out, this facial, suitable for all skin types, promises to replenish moisture in my dehydrated skin (who knew!), and leave it fighting fit against those nasty free radicals found in everyday pollution and UV rays.

Over and above all the usual facets to a facial (cleansing, scrubbing, serum and so on), there are two stages which make this facial stand out above the rest. First –  a long, gentle and luxurious massage of the face and neck which stamps out all the naughty things your nervous system has been doing to your face, and stimulates endorphin production (because it feels soooo good!), leaving your skin contoured, totally revitalized and raring to go. Second – a No-Stress Cream Mask in which your face is cocooned in, leaving your skin feeling, de-stressed, ultra soothed, and as fresh as a daisy.

You might not know this, but Estetica has been around for 30 years and having given them a test run, it’s easy to see why they have passed the test of time. It’s the combination of attention to detail, award-winning treatments and premium products, a gentle and educational approach, great and non-salesy service, plus did we mention the most incredibly comfortable treatment beds to coax even the most alert of customers into the land of nod!

Estetica prides itself on enhancing their customers “outer beauty and inner confidence through customized programmes that offer lasting and powerful results”. Almost one week later and our skin is still youthful, plump, and aglow. So we say they’re doing a stellar job of doing just that.

The Derma Calm Facial is available from Estetica for $268.


Written by Ms Demeanour

On this occasion our treatment was compliments of Estetica