‘Tailored just for your needs!’ You hear it all the time – the great marketing scheme of promising each and every one of a company’s patrons a personalized service, be it banking, shopping, and especially fitness. Is it true? Just because you can pay for a personal trainer doesn’t necessarily mean everything about your experience will be attuned to you — after all there’s still other people at the gym!

Now, one gym is prepared to stand 100 percent behind the statement of being fully devoted to meet the needs of you, as an individual—even down to the music played. At Designed Fitness, you are the king of the gym, because you are the only one there!

Erik Gunawan has designed his boutique gym program in a way that clients come and go according to their preferred and personal time slot and never have to share the gym with anyone else. Erik himself does dynamic training with each of his clients—each one uniquely different according to his client’s gender, ability, and goals. He even writes personalized meal plans for some of his clients.

Erik has an impressive background in fitness that shows his passion for movement. He trained with master trainer Douglas Ruark at SportClub LA and earned several fitness accreditations from the USA and Singapore. He trekked to Mount Everest’s base camp in 9 days (the average time is 22 days!) and often walks three hours to his house in Tampines after a work day!

Designed Fitness is located on the second floor of a shop house in Chinatown. The small but un-cramped space has the vibe of an exclusive club and feels relaxed rather than hardcore, despite the hardcore equipment. This might have to do with the upbeat music, the San Francisco skyline backdrop (in the form of a wall sized mural), and urban aesthetics.

The bathroom is private, of course, and the gym provides towels, as well as areas to keep shoes if clients would like to store them there. Post workout snacks can be provided in the form of personalized protein smoothies.

This gym is great if you like privacy and are looking for a truly personalized fitness program. So, if you don’t like sharing, get in touch with Erik to start working out how you want, when you want, and discreetly as well. The gym has a soft opening promotion available running until the end of November and will be offering a ‘BootCamp Buddies’ program for groups of 2 or 3 friends to do two sessions a week to meet their collective goals.

Designed Fitness is located at 20A Smith Street. You can them at 6222 9402 or contact them via email at erik@designedfitness.asia. For more information see their Facebook page here.