A newly opened co-working space in the CBD, Core Collective challenges the traditional gym model by creating an innovative community that brings together health, wellness and fitness entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts alike. Founder Michelle Yong and her team at Aurum, who are also behind innovation-focused coworking space Collision 8, are leading the way for fitness co-working spaces in Singapore.

One thing’s for sure, the Aurum group has successfully created an inclusive environment where wellness and fitness professionals can come together to mingle, share and exchange ideas, and learn from one another. Members also benefit from one-stop access to a full range of fitness and wellness facilities and treatment programmes for a more integrated fitness and wellness experience.

What’s more, to stay ahead of the fitness and wellness game, Core Collective realises the importance of continued education for its residents by housing an Academy championed by both professionals and enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge or even qualify to become practitioners themselves.

The Space

The beautifully designed space adopts a clean and open aesthetic that immediately welcomes you upon entry. The 23, 600 square feet of space located in the heart of the CBD is divided into a dedicated fitness and wellness space with the addition of a flexible recreational lounge for events like boot camps and fitness workshops. Fully furnished with sleek and stylish equipment, the contemporary feel of the place is sure to appeal to dedicated gymgoers. The added hints of green and the neon lights flashing words of encouragement provide a fun and positive vibe. Plus they make for great post-gym selfies!


Collectively housing the most comprehensive range of facilities in town that effectively integrates fitness and wellness needs – Core Collective is swapping out hot desks for treatment beds and consultation rooms utilised by health practitioners like nutritionists, physiotherapists and even chiropractors, and conference rooms for a fully equipped gym and specialised studios for yoga, pilates and TRX not forgetting a boxing ring. Fitness trainers now have access to a whole range of facilities to design and build an effective work out for their clients.

Fitness Classes

With such an extensive list of facilities, you can be sure there is a correspondingly long list of fitness classes available. Try your hand at niche classes like Callisthenics HIIT, Zuuga and Filthy60 boot camp sessions to discover the one exercise that best suits you, or go for a variety of classes. That is what’s so awesome about Core Collective, isn’t it, the flexibility? Abdul Rahman, Fitness Manager of Core Collective, explains, “Shifting the focus away from aggressive client sales and recruitment… ensures that each member who walks through our doors get the results they deserve”.

Download the Core Collective app (available on Apple Store and Google Play Store) to book various Group Fitness Classes or Private sessions. Trials for a standard group class are available at $20 and trials for a premium group class are available at $30. For class schedule, see here.

Core Collective is located at 79 Anson Road #21-01/#22-01, Singapore 079906. Wellness Space (#21-01) open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm & Sat 8am-2pm. Fitness Space (#22-01) open Mon-Fri 6.30am-10pm & Sat 6.30am-2pm.

Images courtesy of Core Collective