London is a fantastic city for bars (especially cocktail bars), but its reputation for food doesn’t seem to be as impressive. Well, having been there now, I can say that foodies don’t have to be disappointed, you just have to know where to go. So here are 10 places we ate at in London that’s worth a try if you’re making a trip down soon. Bon appetit!

Burger & Lobster

Lobster Rolls at Burger and Lobster
Lobster Roll from Burger and Lobster

With only three dishes – Beef burger, lobster roll, and whole lobster – on the menu priced at £20 across the board, the eponymously named Burger & Lobster has cemented its popularity with good value…only if you order the lobster. All options are served with two substantial sides of salad and fries. Both boiled and grilled versions of the crustacean got the stamp of approval from us.

Burger & Lobster has seven branches in London; see here for more information. For comparisons’ sake, we were at the Soho restaurant.

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MEATliquor London

MEATLiquor London's Cheeseburger
MEATLiquor London’s classic Cheeseburger

On another hand, if you’re in the mood for burgers, head to MEATliquor, which recently opened its first outpost outside of the UK in Singapore. The Bingo Wings (£7) were a little lacking on the spice-o-meter for us; otherwise the flavours of the housemade buffalo hot pepper sauce and blue cheese dip were spot on. The Bacon Cheeseburger (£8.50) inspired a two-minute silence at the table as we wolfed it down. They also have a selection of fun, easy drinking cocktails like Space Gin Smash (£7.50) to go with your meal.

MEATliquor London is located at 74 Welbeck Street, London W1G 0BA.

Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle's signature dish
Duck and Waffle’s signature dish

Sitting pretty on level 40 of the Heron Tower, Duck and Waffle boasts an unparalleled panoramic view of the Old Smoke, as well as a rustic, sumptuous menu. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant’s signature dish is the Duck and Waffle (£17), a waffle topped with pan-fried duck confit and fried duck egg. Juicy and tender, the duck was especially divine when complemented by the fluffiness of the waffle and the mustard maple syrup on the side. The menu varies depending on what time you visit, so multiple visits are a must if you wish to experience more refined dishes like Foie Gras Crème Brulee (£10) and Wild Cornish Pollock Meatballs in Lobster Cream (£11).

Duck and Waffle is located at The Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London.

The Wolseley

The Wolseley
The Wolseley’s grand interior

A trip to The Wolseley is pretty much unforgettable. As soon as you step into this grand European café-restaurant, be greeted by a magnificent interior embued with exquisite old-world glamour, as well as, dare I say, one of the finest breakfast spreads in all of London. The Eggs Benedict (£7.50) is one of the best I’ve tried – slathered in creamy, tangy Hollaindaise sauce, and yields immaculately gooey egg yolks. The Mixed Bread Basket (£8.50) is great for sharing, as they’re the perfect vehicles for the café’s selection of gorgeous spreads like homemade lemon curd, chocolate-hazelnut spread, marmalade, and strawberry jam.

The Wolseley is located at 160 Piccadilly. 

The Harwood Arms

When it comes to Michelin starred restaurants, we have the most fun dining at establishments with one star, because we’re betting they’re not as stuffy as those with three and they’d work to keep that one. The Harwood Arms is a one-Michelin starred gastropub located in Fulham that offers a set menu for dinner at £33.50 for two course and £39.50 for three courses. I enjoyed the Berkshire Wood pigeon faggots with Jerusalem artichoke and grapes and the Fillet of Cornish Turbot with broccoli, fennel, and brown shrimp tremendously, but the desserts were disappointing and service was a little lacklustre for a restaurant with an award.

The Harwood Arms is located at Walham Grove, London SW6 1QP.

Royal China (Baker Street)

Located on Baker Street, Royal China is where to head if you’re craving quality Chinese food – meaning no sweet and sour chicken where the sauce is thick as glue. Some of our favourites here include the tender Mandarin Diced Fillet Steak (£14.80), which came served in a little hot pot filled with sliced onions; the eggy Ma-Poh Tofu with Beef (£9.50) and the signature Crispy Aromatic Duck (£25). No matter what familiar Chinese flavours you’re craving, the Royal China on Baker Street (or any outlet for that matter), is bound to satisfy.

The Royal China is located on 24-26 Baker Street.

Borough Market

London’s most renowned food market is a treasure trove of food traders, cafes, and restaurants alike. We had amazing grilled hand-dived scallops topped with bacon and bean sprouts, delectably charred venison burgers, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly, and the best brownie ever here. Just go and indulge in whatever your heart fancies; you’ll come out full and feeling (mostly) satisfied.

Borough Market is located at 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL.

Mother Clucker

Chicken Strips from Mother Clucker
Chicken Strips and Fries from Mother Clucker

Tucked away in East London, Mother Clucker is a converted US Army ambulance that serves up tea brined, buttermilk soaked, and twice battered fried chicken. We say go for the signature crispy southern fried Chicken Strips (£5), which is tender and tasty enough to trek over for. Speaking from experience, the queue at Mother Clucker is definitely worth it if you’re a fried chicken fan – just don’t expect it to be anything like the recently popular soy-garlic Korean-styled variants.

Mother Clucker is located at the Elys Yard at the Truman Brewery, East London.

Bone Daddies

 Tonkotsu Ramen at Bone Daddies
Tonkotsu Ramen at Bone Daddies

Ramen lovers, Bone Daddies is a mandatory pit stop for you in this city, especially since ramen is fast, filling, and relatively cheap. The chicken broth-based Tantanmen (£11) has a blast of chili heat that we love (but again, not enough) but the must order is here definitely the Tonkotsu Ramen (£11). Served with a spring onions, and tender, fatty chashu pork, the rich, gravy-textured broth is glossy with fat and brimming with collagen. Slurp.

Bone Daddies is located at 31 Peter Street, London W1F 0AR.


Widely recognised as one of the best (and comparatively more affordable) steak restaurants in London, Hawksmoor is a must visit for anyone who enjoys their meat. Visit on Sundays for their signature Sunday Roast (£19.50), which features a satisfying slab of juicy roast beef served alongside indulgent duck fat roast potatoes and a wickedly crispy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside Yorkshire pudding. If you do make a trip to Hawksmoor, think of us when you order the perfectly seasoned Steak Tartare (£12.50) and the Cornflake Milkshake (£4); the latter uses homemade cornflake ice cream, ensuring a delightful treat that’s simple and evocative of childhood flavours.

Hawksmoor has various outlets at Air Street, Guild Hall, Seven Dials, Spitafields, and Knightsbridge. (I went to the one at Air Street).

Header images courtesy of Duck and Waffle, and Burger and Lobster.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Burger and Lobster.