If you’ve been to Bali and are a fan of house and techno music, you probably set foot into Jenja and have danced to Wisdy’s music. His musical style, ranging from house to techno, has touched the hearts of many on the dancefloor and as a resident DJ at Jenja; he’s also played alongside a stellar line-up of international guest acts such as Âme, Alex Niggemann, Nick Warren, Sasha, Guy Gerber and Damian Lazarus just to name a few.

In this edition of City Nomads Radio, he shares with us the most fun thing he has done recently, his favourite records and his go-to places in Bali.

Where were you born?

I was born and raised in Denpasar, Bali.

What was the most fun you’ve done lately?

It was probably last week. I was in Shanghai for a few days and after this amazing gig at Celia Club, I decided to explore the city and see what Shanghai has in store the next day. Got lost in translation finding my way back to the hotel and it was fun!

Apart from playing music, what else do you dabble in?

I like to experiment with food, like making my own sausages, pizza dough and such.

What’s your favourite record for the past two years?

There are so many great tracks out there these days, but two of my favourites would be the Red Axes remix on Fernandez from Moscoman (listen below) and a track from Equation Records for their album, Equation #3 – a track on side A1 called P.

Looking back at the past year, is there one gig that stands out as the best one you’ve played?

Definitely playing alongside Âme in Bali last year, because he’s one artist that I look up to and inspires me.

Where are your go-to places for food, drinks and sunset in Bali?

If you’re in Bali, you definitely have to check out Babi Bagus – it is the place for the authentic Balinese pork dish – babi guling. I like to go to Batu Belig for sunset walks with my son as its close to home; the Nusa Dua private beach is great as well. Bali’s south is a lot quieter so for special moments in nature and with family, I like to go there.

Tell us something about the mixtape you’ve created for City Nomads.

It’s a short mix of my favourite tracks that I am into it at the moment.

Any shouts?

It’s kind of hard to mention everyone’s altogether but a big shout-out to Mamsa, Prunk, PIV records, AMS Booking Asia, DJs and friends who are going to ADE 2017 in Amsterdam. I’m looking forward to see all of you there for music fiesta!


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