Co-founder of the quartet, MUGIC and currently the Music Consultant for Potato Head Singapore, Ulysses is never one to play it safe. He draws from a wide repertoire of musical styles ranging from house, slow-mo beat down bangers, disco, jazz, techno, broken beats, and anything that is across the sonic spectrum. His genre-bending sets are said to have one of the most impressive playlists, garnering respect and admiration from his peers.

In this edition of City Nomads Radio, Ulysses shared with us his favourite supper place in Singapore, his earliest memory of music and the curated mixtape he has done for us.

What’s your earliest memory of music?

I grew up in a very musical household. My mum had a policy that when every morning she woke up, the first thing she’d do was to switch on the radio. Music was the thing that kept us all together back then. Mum would gather me and my siblings and would sing songs to us that was played on the radio or cassette decks back then. I am thankful to be exposed to music since a very young age.

Looking back at the past year, is there one gig that stands out as the best one you’ve played?

Hmmm…I think every gig that I had played was different. I wouldn’t say that any one in particular stood out, as they were all special in some sort of way. But if I really had to choose, it would be playing for the Haji Lane street parties organised by the now defunct Koi Bar. There’s a special feeling of getting people who walked past dancing on the streets!

Describe your sound to a stranger in less than 7 words.

Music for grown ups!


Would you like to live somewhere else or do you think you’ll be in Singapore for life?

I am exploring options. I just got back from Canada and i have to say that Toronto was a blast! I felt really connected with the place. I am all about vibes and energies of space and places and i can say that Toronto did it for me. People are super friendly, tons of records stores, great music scene. What else can one ask for?

What’s your favourite supper place in Singapore?

Swee Choon Dim Sum, hands down. But asking me to choose between nasi lemak or bak chor mee is like asking me to choose between house and techno.

If your music was an animal, what would it be?

Chameleon, only because I don’t play the same sound all the time and my sets are unpredictable.

ulysses at headquarters by the council

Tell us more about this curated mixtape you’ve put together.

This mix that i have put together is very different from the usual mixes that I do for my Soundcloud or Mixcloud, which has more Disco, House and Techno elements. The City Nomads Radio mix that I’ve curated has more of the daytime Balearic island vibes, which interestingly, is what I really love playing – music that inspires me. I have included the track listing as well.

Any shouts?

Big shouts to all in the Singapore music scene – big love and happiness! And a big big thank you to City Nomads for having me to do a guest mix.

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