Born and bred in Thailand, Junesis – not so strongly – fell in love with electronic music when he started doing photography. Since then, he has been playing at countless parties as well as taking the stage at Wonderfruit Festival. In this latest edition of City Nomads Radio, he shares with us his favourite things to do and recalls the moment when electronic music had him.

What have you been up to lately?

I have been DJing, partying, taking pictures at parties and around Bangkok. Also, I’ve been mastering my yo-yo skills, keeping it healthy with exercising too.

Do you remember that moment you fell in love with electronic dance music?

Since I started photography, I got interested in the electronic scene. I will always remember that one night when I was taking photos at Glow, and Sunju (a pioneer in the Bangkok electronic music scene) was playing. The vibe just got to me and till now, I am still in love.

How would you describe your sound (in less than 10 words) to a total stranger?

Chill, groovy, sexy, funky, and for sure, healthy.

junesis bangkok dj

How do you choose the first song of your DJ sets?

Depending on the vibrations at the place, sometimes with vocals or something harder. Let it go and just feel the vibe.

What are your favourite things to do outside of music?

Photography, yo-yo, eating, and watching movies.

Tell me one thing that people don’t know about you.

That I’m Thai Chinese who can’t speak Mandarin.

junesis bangkok dj

What are your favorite haunts in Bangkok?

Marcel and Glow.

Tell us something about the mixtape you’ve curated for City Nomads.

I was at Marcel one random night and was surrounded by good friends and vibes, and the inspiration struck me. This is just the vibe that I enjoy.

Any shouts?

Chai krub, sure! I’ll be playing at Karma Kastle this weekend (they’ve got a really great line-up)  and I’ll be at Wonderfruit next month. Can’t wait!

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