Inside his log cabin on the Darss Peninsula, Christian Löffler works on both visual and aural expressions of art. The German DJ and producer’s secluded setup consists of bare essentials: rudimentary parameters that allow him to make sincere and honest music. Taking field recordings of nature and weaving their patterns into his latest studio album Mare, Loeffler’s music explores spaces of emotional and physical loss, with highly emotive tunes built into a stylistic framework of deep house. Later this month, he’ll be one of the highlight acts at EPIZODE, the mesmerising and unique electronic music festival that’s returning to Phu Quoc in Vietnam.


Hi Christian, hope you’re having a grand time on your Europe tour?

All the shows have been amazing so far. They were all sold out and the crowds were super lovely and welcoming at every stop. I couldn’t ask for more.

You’ve played all over the world. Which are some of your most memorable gigs of late?

I had a wonderful time in Scandinavia. I’m big fan of the nordic countries, visiting Sweden, Norway or Denmark a few times every year but it was the first time ever playing shows lately.

People were very welcoming and very thoughtful about the sound and organization. I had the best time.

I hear that you produce your music inside a lakeside cottage in a secluded Berlin village. What’s the place like?

I live at the coast of the baltic sea. It’s 2 hours from Berlin. I can’t imagine living in the city as I’m really in need for quietness to focus on my music. So that’s perfect to live for me. Only 500 people are living and it’s only 200 meters to the sea. I have beautiful coastal forests surrounding my house and I can hear the sea from my studio.

How does that affect your music?

It basically makes my work possible. Living somewhere else like a bigger city wouldn’t be possible for me to focus on my art and I couldn’t really work as an artist. Actually the area is very inspiring for me. I go for a run every morning on the beach and through the forest. That’s how my day starts and I need it as a ritual.

What do you want to convey in your tracks?

I want to make my vision hearable for other people. When I create music I have a specific mood that I want to transport and make accessible to people.

Is that difficult to do when performing live?

ot at all. I have the feeling it’s getting easier more and more with gaining a bigger following in the last few years. People understand my idea of what I want to transport and it’s a wonderful experience to feel the connection while playing a live show.

You’re a big collector of gear and instruments. Which are the essential ones you can’t live without?

To be honest the most important tool for me is the computer. I know that many artists want to get rid of it but I remember using my first computer creating music when I was 11 or 12 and it was such a mindblowing thing to me having all those possibilities within the box. Today it’s even so much more powerful. You can basically do anything wherever you want. But I also love my selection of effect pedals as well as my drum machines from Elektron.

How about the most exotic or interesting ones?

I still remember playing BPM Festival a few years ago. It’s was my first time in Mexico. A wonderful experience.

You have your own record label, Ki. What kind of artists do you look out for?

We are looking for music that stands the test of time. Basically unique and passionate sounds that does not follow trends. Also, we are all very close at Ki and it’s not all about the music. It’s the personal feeling that needs to be right.

Keep up with Christian Löffler on his official website and SoundCloud, or catch him live at Vietnam’s biggest electronic music festival of the year, EPIZODE 2019-2020