Aman Anand is one of those DJs who also produces his own music, having taught himself the intricacies of dance music since raving to Shingo Nakamura and Moonbeam during high school. The Bangalore-born talent now spends his time between India and Singapore, releasing tracks that blur the line between groovy electronica and melodic techno — a sound that has garnered attention from global heavyweights like Anthony Pappa and Secret Cinema.


Hi Aman. You taught yourself how to produce music. Can just about anyone do that?

Hi guys, thanks for having me! Well, I would say music production requires time, patience, and solitude, even though technology has more or less simplified the process of making music over the years. But, if anyone devotes enough time to his or her craft, they will find that it’s a very rewarding experience.

What were the early years like?

Musically, I was introduced to dance music in high school through some friends, who at the time were listening to Deadmau5, Gareth Emery, Shingo Nakamura, and Moonbeam. Once that world opened up for me, I lost myself spending hours and hours collecting tunes and trying to create mixes on my grandpa’s computer. The music production bug bit me in 2011, and there’s been no looking back since.

You’re both a DJ and producer. Does being able to make their own music make someone a better DJ, and vice versa?

Both crafts are highly respectable, super fun, and flow into each other very well. A DJ can be a good producer and a producer can be a good DJ. Everything just requires enough time and effort.

You have a unique sound that blends together electronica, progressive house, and melodic techno. Has that always been the case?

As a listener, the groove, along with the subtlety and deeper shades of music have always appealed to me, and I attempt to produce sounds inspired by those aspects of music.

What’s your equipment of choice at the moment?

I make music using plugins on Ableton. So it’s safe to say that my laptop is my equipment of choice.

You shuffle your time between Singapore and India. Where’s all the action happening over there?

I haven’t been to India in quite a while actually. But from what I see on social media, the scene there is amazing. There is a steady increase in the number of homegrown DJs and producers who are contributing to the scene in remarkable ways.

You’ve been represented by no small number of reputable record labels. What do you think’s next for you?

I recently got the opportunity to remix a really special original by Fernando Picon and Deibys Marquez called ‘Genesis’. It will be out soon on an Argentinean-based label, TwoSounds Records. Along with personal projects, I have a few collaborative originals and remixes under construction with Priya Sen, an exceptional writer, DJ, and music connoisseur; Icipiracy, an extremely talented animator, videographer and music producer; and AfterBurn, an awesome music producer who’s released music on reputed labels like Movement Recordings and Balkan Connection. Can’t wait to share them with you all!

How about your dream gig?

My dream gig would be to play at the Warung Beach Club in Brazil.

Describe your mix for us.

I’ve put together a mix of tracks that are groovy, deep, and melodic. Hope you listeners enjoy!

Aman has been billed in music hotspots and clubs such as Headquarters, Tuff Club, Kilo Lounge and Humming Tree, Pebbles, blueFROG in India. Follow him on Resident Advisor and SoundCloud.