Being the home of City Nomads, Singapore is our bread and butter (or noodles and rice) when it comes to travel knowledge. For those of you of you who've never visited Singapore before, this tiny island nation of only 720 sqkm is home to over 5 million people with a rich cultural heritage derived from its Chinese, Malay and Indian population who have made Singapore into a veritable 'rojak' (mixture) of a city-state. Singapore for a long time has had a wide ranging international and expatriate community living here due to its background and reputation as one of the world's largest trading ports and financial centres, and in recent years has led to Singapore becoming one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Asia, with an incredible mix of East-meets-West. However a visit to Singapore offers much more than just history. As one of the fasted growing economies in the world, and currently holding the title as world's most expensive city, Singapore is not just about fancy cars, high rise apartments and the Grand Prix. it's amazing food scene is something that all Singaporeans are very passionate and deservedly proud of. Likewise, despite its status as a 'city-state', Singapore is filled with green spaces to roam around such as Pulau Ubin, MacRitchie Park, East Coast and more. Great for cycle and running enthusiasts. Sentosa is also a great place to visit, both for its luxury hotels, beaches and entertainment centres. But this is just the beginning! Read on and find out more about this wonderful city we call home.