Middle East

City Nomads’ guides to finding the Best Middle East Travel Tips, complete with advice, deals, and reviews.

Ok, so let’s be realistic, the Middle East is stereotypically known a land of camels, tea, oil and a whole load of religiously motivated violence. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and be put off, the cradle of civilisation is one of the most fascinating regions of the world, filled with kind people, mouthwateringly good food and whole lot of history. 

For a modern experience, visit cities like Tel Aviv in Israel or Beirut in Lebanon for awesome nightlife, world-class restaurants and some of the best beaches in the world. For an experience of Asia-meets-Europe, check out the majesty of Istanbul in Turkey with its rich history and incredible museums of venture to the cities of Morocco or Tunisia with their colonial European past blending with Berber culture filled with music and art. Or if you’re looking for that luxury experience of 5 star hotels, perfect beaches and desert excursions, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates make for a superb vacation.

Just be sure to check websites like the foreign office travel advice to see if there are any safety concerns you should be aware of before making your holiday plans. We want to you to come back safe after all!