The world is spinning far too fast as times goes by
Humans become more confusing in this world
am, rise at dawn,
pm, down at dusk.
When a ‘day’ repeats and repeats everyday,
What is the meaning of a ‘day’?

The senior in dance theatre, Anthony Meh and Aman Yap
Sending dance invitation to life through am TO pm
Sharing this life common talk
Using the unique form of performance
Say it in his and his way…

A moving, reverting and original dance drama depicting the endless cycle of human life’s repetitiveness through the conceptual eyes of award winning choreographers Anthony Meh Kim Chuan and Aman Yap Choong Boon. Performed by the acclaimed Dua Space Dance Theatre featuring Jiunn Chen Jiunn Yee, Howard Hew Fuh Hoong, Kenny Leow Thiam Aik and Little Lim Shi Jun.

Dua Space is founded by Anthony Meh and Aman Yap, and have brought Malaysia’s performing arts to many cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Harbin, Seoul, Changmu, Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Karachi, Jakarta, Manila, London and now Singapore, with the world premier of am TO pm.