InterContinental Singapore’s Man Fu Yuan is a household name for their excellent Cantonese classic dishes such as the signature Longjing Tea-smoked Duck, but what keeps diners going back for more is their creativity and unabashed spirit of adventure to experiment with new flavours that keep this restaurant current and contemporary for the modern palate. Executive Chef Eric Neo will unveil yet another 10 exciting new signature dishes from 20 April that will have you planning your return (especially if the last time you visited was during the Chinese New Year).

Chef Eric’s expert use of Western ingredients with traditional Chinese cooking methods results in stellar creations, which is evident in the Pan-Fried Foie Gras with Suckling Pig in Crepe where a generous helping of rich and creamy foie gras melts in your mouth with the fragrance and flavours of juicy, crispy pork. For something more ‘Chinese’, opt for the heart-warming Tiger Prawn Vermicelli in Superior Broth and Chinese Wine, which juxtaposes firm and soft textures in a dish. Expect the fresh tiger prawn and vermicelli to retain the exceptionally rich flavour of the broth and lingering aromas of the Chinese wine.

Tiger Prawn Vermicelli in Superior Broth and Chinese Wine

The Mango Passionfruit Prawns topped with Caviar is a real treat for folks who enjoy the sweet with the savoury. The pairing of mango with prawn is not new – hand’s up if you love the dim sum staple of deep fried mango and prawn rolls – but we definitely appreciate the extra layers that come with the addition of passionfruit and caviar. Another highlight of the new dishes is the beautifully presented Miso Shoyu Baked Cod with Scrambled Egg White, which boasts delicate, well-seasoned fish bolstered by the creaminess of a well-scrambled egg white.

Still have space for more? New meaty mains like the Mongolian-style Grain-fed Australian Beef Prime Rib and the signature smoked Kagoshima Pork Belly Char Siew might steal the show for a little while longer before giving way to the Deep-fried Sweet Potato Custard Balls. They might look deceptively small, but they pack a punch. Creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside, you can have a dozen of these, but one is all it takes for that perfect ending to an exquisite meal.

Man Fu Yuan is located at InterContinental Singapore, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966, p.+65 6825 1008. Open for Lunch Mon-Fri 11.45am – 3pm & Sat-Sun 11.30am – 3.15pm Open for Dinner Daily 6.30pm – 10.30pm.

The article is sponsored by InterContinental Singapore.