Coffee isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination, but a good one can be hard to find. In fact, caffeine enthusiasts are just about the only people I know more obsessed with finding the perfect cup than sensible-minded tea-loving folk. So if you’re looking for somewhere with coffees, milk teas, and delicious Thai snacks, Café Amazon way over at Changi’s Jewel (and Jurong Point) just might be your next best bet.

Lush decor and verdant vibes are trademark of the Café, made famous by popular demand, causing countrywide domination in its homeland of Thailand. They hope to inspire the same sort of fervid fan base here, and they’ve got the numbers to back it up. Being the sixth largest coffee chain globally, their latest opening will mean they’ve opened 2,750 outlets worldwide.

With two brand-new openings strategically placed at the two ends of the island (Jurong East and Changi), their entry into Singapore marks one step further out into international waters, bringing with them their in-house Amazon Blend of brewed coffee and a Singapore-exclusive food menu in the works (Yuan Yang drinkers, try out their matcha twist on things with the Yin Yang).

Working closely with Thai farmers to get only the best in quality ingredients, the menu also brings in a spread of Thai-Western fusion burgers, wraps, and desserts. No more cream cheese bagels for your next coffee run — lay on a little more heat with their spicy Wholemeal Thai Chicken Wraps. And some call it micromanaging, but they call it quality control — every step of food production from farm to table is closely managed to ensure that only the best beans are selected for use.

And there’s more: a forthright nod in the direction of sustainability, all straws and paper bag packaging is entirely biodegradable. Clearly, the lush oasis that adds yet another flourish of greenery to Jewel (as if there isn’t enough there already) doesn’t just stick to green aesthetics — it’s part of their ethos, too. So here’s a gentrified toast to all other coffee shops in the local scene: it may be time to up the ante, because Café Amazon’s got their eyes set to take the world by storm and shove stale Caesar salads out the window.

Café Amazon is located at Jewel Changi Airport, Terminal 1, #04-225, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666 and Jurong Point Shopping Centre, #02-31, 1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 648886. Opens daily 10am — 10pm.