Deriving its name from the Spanish word of ‘commotion’, this Argentinean styled restaurant is one of the few commodities that are part of the new wave of South American cuisine in Singapore. Still, we wanted to make sure that BoCHINche was up to scratch. Making our way over to the nicely hidden restaurant in the posh neighbourhood of Martin Road near the Singapore River, the Argentinean fare on offer was free flowing as always with fresh meat and different sorts of produce.

Greeting us when we first stepped inside the restaurant was an industrialised yet homely environment. Rows of chairs neatly lined up against a long table with an open kitchen concept, and there were also wooden round tables with comfy chairs, coupled with a chic outside dining area to boot.
Interior Bochinche
Main dining area of BoCHINche

We were there however to judge with our tastebuds, not our eyes and the first dish to walk on the wooden plank of judgement, was the Crab on Toast topped with Humita, Pickled Turnips, and Chopped Coriander ($19).
Crab on Toast topped with Humita, Pickled Turnips, and Chopped Coriander
Crab on Toast topped with Humita, Pickled Turnips, and Chopped Coriander

The Crab was a mixture of white and brown meat, which was nicely supplemented with the sweet cornish Humita, a decent way to whet the appetite. Following which, we were treated to the supple Iberico Shoulder ($19) which was cured for 30 months. Embarrassingly, we grabbed serving after serving, thanks to the rich taste of the meat. The last starter was the grilled Watermelon with Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Toasted Seeds ($13). It was admittedly a refreshing way to wash down the previous two dishes but other than that, we found it difficult to find anything special about it.
Iberico Shoulder
30 Months Cured Iberico Shoulder

Moving on to the mains, we were served in quick succession a Lomo Beef Fillet ($78), a Bife Ancho Rib Eye Steak ($55) and Sea Bass that was seasoned with Tomatoes and Toasted Almonds ($35). Although a little over-cooked, the Lomo Beef Fillet’s quality was apparent with our first bite and the juicy meat drizzled down our throat to ecstatic effect. It was much of the same for the Bife Ancho Rib Eye Steak, as both dishes were of a high calibre, evidently showing that the folks at BoCHINche take pride in their meat. We would have loved to say the same of the Sea Bass but we were pretty disappointed with the sea creature’s showing. Besides the bland taste staining the cavern of our mouths, the dry texture was simply not good enough for the exorbitant price.

Bife Ancho Rib Eye Steak

Thankfully, the desserts were impeccable and it was so good that we had to force our stomachs to make a little room despite how full we were. Starting the party was a ‘Dulce De Leche’ Crème Brulee & Banana Split Ice-Cream ($17), followed by a Crème Caramel, ‘Dulce De Leche’ & Chocolate Crumble ($13) and lastly a Milk Cake with Passion Fruit Sorbet & Toasted Almonds ($14). All three desserts were excellent, albeit a little too sweet, but if we had to choose one, the Milk Cake would hands down win our vote. Extremely savoury and with a softness to die for, the Milk Cake’s blend with the Passionfruit Sorbet’s sour flavour was a match made in heaven, and definitely a must have when visiting BoCHINche. Satisfactory and delicious, BoCHINche is a deserved representative of the new dawn of South American dining options taking hold in Singapore. Furthermore, they’ve got a grocer for take-aways at the entrance of the restaurant if you just want to have a cook out with your best buds. And although you might need to burn a little hole in your pocket, this amigo is well worth your buck.