Buying wine in Singapore can be a bit of a minefield. If you’ve been to Europe, then wine prices here seem totally insane. And even if you haven’t….well, usually wine prices are totally insane! Furthermore, unless you’re a super vino lover, not knowing what to buy can be hazardous.

Sadly most of us will be subconsciously drawn to the likes of Yellow Tail or Wolfblass, or my personal peeve – Moet et Chandon (blargh!). We pretty much justify it with ‘well I’ve had it before, it’s drinkable and the price is ok…more importantly I have no idea what else to buy in its place!’

So, please people, listen up! I’ve going to impart a little suggestion. Explore! Most of the best in the world are from small production, single vineyard-type wineries. Perhaps the most important part is this – these wines are no more expensive than the well-known brands that saturate shelf space in supermarkets.

One of our favourite websites to buy wine from is Aside from the fact that their excellent wine selection is curated from all over the world – French, Spanish, Australian, Argentinian etc, they pretty much all come from small production boutique vineyards.

There are plenty of online wine shops in Singapore (although most are not even worth mentioning). However has a very easy user interface, and more importantly the best selection of wines and spirits compared with other sites. Wine website Singapore

When navigating the wine shop, you can search by country of origin, producer…even style (a particularly good feature). So if you know you like light, dry wines… Boom – here’s a list of 29 wines that should potentially suit your taste:

And as for the prices, there are wines for as low as $20 per bottle, and as high as….well…. high!

Delivery is free of charge for orders of over $200, so as long as you’re buying a few bottles, you may as well have the convenience of it being delivered right to your door.

As for other places to buy wine online, there’s only really 2 others that are worth mentioning:

Another good website. Featuring all the wines from Straits Wine. The site is pretty easy to use and the selection is ample.

Straits Wine Wine website Singapore

Other websites considered for this review were,, &