Calling all foodies! There’s a new digital farmers’ market and information resource inspired by the rise of artisanal foods in Singapore. Founded and curated by fellow foodie, Debbie Yong, a full-time food writer at the Business Times, Batch celebrates independent and small-batch food producers.

Honestly, how many of us really pay attention to what we eat? So on a personal level, the ethos that Batch is founded – one that’s committed to building a lifestyle around eating and living well- upon is admirable. Also understanding that keeping a well balanced diet is difficult today, especially with the multitude of processed foods that are readily available, Batch, with its range of handcrafted and sustainable artisanal food sourced from local producers, provides a way out.

Far from neglecting the taste factor, the platform will be retailing edibles like Restaurant Labyrinth’s balsamic jam spread ($14) and Second Helpings’ all-natural Beenut Butters ($13).

Building a holistically sustainable lifestyle for people is also on the agenda for Batch as they have kitchen equipment, urban farming tools and other household items on offer, all of which are painstakingly handcrafted and designed with panache. Watch out for their Batch X series, an exclusive range of products created just for the store, like Batch x Eastern Granola cocktail-inspired granola.

Just when you thought that it sounds too good to be true, Batch even has demonstrations on how to best use, clean and store each product through recipes and household tips. For the sake of sustainability and healthy living, you should totally hop on this numero uno platform where like-minded foodies, small-batch food makers, and kitchen artisans connect.

Images courtesy of Batch

Written by Joel Conceicao