Tanjong Pagar‘s Tippling Club is no stranger to the weird and wonderful – their food and drink menus actively seek out an elevated experience for the senses, from perfumed cocktails to alcoholic gummy bears. Still reeling from their latest win at The Bar Awards for Restaurant Bar of the Year, they’ve recently pushed out a new one for the taking: The Guide To Modern Drinking, inspired by the famed gastronomer Auguste Escoffier’s own historical literary work.

Cherries Jubilee

Touted as “The Chef of Kings and The King of Chefs”, Escoffier was a maverick of French cuisine. One of his most famous works – The Complete Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery – radically advocated the use of seasonal ingredients in a time where excess was best, and it’s a trait the new drinks menu wants to adopt.

As Andrew Loudon, Tippling Club’s Head Bartender, explains, Escoffier was somewhat of a ladies’ man in his time, and naming dishes in tribute to his many lady friends was norm. The Melba Toast, for example, was created in honour of the famous singer Nellie Melba when she stayed at the Savoy Hotel in London, 1880, where Escoffier directed the kitchens.

Its alcoholic counterpart is a creamy, nutty serve that comprises toasted sourdough milk and barley spiked with amaro and rum, with a taste that reminds us faintly of oat milk. And while the Cherries Jubilee is still by all accounts on the sweeter end of the cocktail spectrum, its flowery notes of tuberose, sauternez, and cherry stone distillate are pleasantly balanced with cognac and Suze.

On to the darker side of history, the Titanic comes inspired by the last pudding Escoffier served on board the grandiose, ill-fated ship. A paper-thin garnish with a black-and-white impression of the ship is imprinted on rice paper encasing a smidge of plum pudding, and the goal is to save it from sinking to the bottom of a pool of marsala, scotch, white port, and vermouth. The Three Emperors is also one to pick if you love a smoky finish – there’s tons of oak and sound wave-aged shiraz in the tipple, with a touch of pleasantly fruity Lillet.


An Asian-inspired drink on a very French menu, like the Bahn Mi Sazerac, is sure to garner interest, especially so with a mix of sweet and savoury ingredients like foie gras, shio kijo, and maple. And while the drink is still definitely fine as a nondescript tipple, we had trouble getting the bahn mi reference.

Regardless, Tippling’s newest menu translates rather well to Auguste Escoffier’s iconic manuscript, transforming a banal history lesson into a boozed-up bacchanal celebrating the most iconic moments of his life. We love this boozy business’ blast from the past, but let it be known that new things are always brewing at Tippling, and the season of alcoholic gummy bears is over (so please stop asking Ryan Clift about them).

Tippling Club is located at 38 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461, p. +65 6475 2217. Bar open Mon-Fri 12pm – 12am, Sat 6pm – 12am. Closed Sun.