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As much as we love the bars on Amoy Street and Keong Saik Road, they might not be the best places to go if you’re simply looking for a place to unwind after an exhausting day. Aqua Luna shines as one of the best hotel bars in Singapore outside of the city. Located at Park Hotel Alexandra, the poolside bar makes a great sanctuary for the evening.

Aqua Luna’s Infinity Pool in the evening

Coming up onto the 7th floor, you’re greeted with a view of the hotel’s 25-metre infinity pool, and the water’s surface shimmering in the evening light. Walk further in and you’ll find yourself in Aqua Luna, an enclave with floor-to-ceiling glass panels. From here, you’ll be able to admire views of the tranquil Queenstown precinct while you sip on quirky tipples and enjoy some moreish bar bites.

Nothing’s more satisfying that biting into some juicy, crispy fried chicken on a night out, and the bar’s answer to that is the Drunken Angry Wings ($10). Spicy and beer-battered, these wings pack a punch with each bite. Touted as a ‘healthier’ rendition of cheesy nachos, the Battered Cauliflower ($8) is a must try. Each fragrant morsel is fried in batter flavoured with onion and curry powder, and the interior is left fluffy and almost cloud-like. Extremely addictive when dipped in the accompanying cheesy béchamel sauce.

Truffle Polenta Fries

The Truffle Polenta Fries ($10) are sure to whet the appetites even of those who seem jaded by this finger food trend. Made of the Italian grain polenta, these fries retain a crispy exterior while having a soft and grainy texture, which certainly proves for a texturally interesting munch when dunked in the aromatic, house-made truffle mayonnaise.

If you’re looking for more of a meal you can’t go wrong with the Margarita Flatbread ($14). The dough base is crisp and chewy, and never too starchy, making it a substantial meal together with its toppings smoked tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese. Sounds too boring for you? Then opt for either the Chorizo and Onion ($18) or Crabmeat and Artichoke ($24) Flatbreads.

The Alexandra Sunset

The cocktails might not be as crafted as those found in the CBD bars, but they are affordable and fun, without being overly trendy or theatrical. Made from rosemary-infused Grand Marnier, cherry liqueur, white and dark rum, and a medley of tropical juices, the signature Alexandra Sunset ($18) is zesty, and easy to drink.

The more adventurous could opt for the Summer Chill ($18), a refreshing concoction of Tanqueray Gin and St. Germain elderflower liqueur muddled with celery and shaken with ice. The sea salt and freshly ground black pepper sprinkled on top gives the drink a savoury edge. Boasting a substantial selection of mojitos, martinis, and margaritas; go for the Collagen Margarita ($25). A classic margarita infused with sweet-tangy plum collagen sake, it’s safe to say we haven’t had anything like this before.

Enjoy these drinks from the comforts of Aqua Luna itself or from the swim-up bar – either way the cocktails are fabulous accompaniments for when you’re watching the golden sun set behind the slick architecture of the Interlace and the lush, emerald greenery of the Alexandra walking trails.

Aqua Luna is located at Park Hotel Alexandra, 323 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159972, p. +65 6828 8885. Open Mon-Thu 12pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-1am, Sun 12pm-11pm.

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