Men's Fashion

City Nomads’ guide to men’s fashion in Singapore. From men’s grooming to casual, and ways to carry off formal wear like true gentleman, we have it all.

As a man, looking good in Singapore can be difficult due to the tropical heat and humidity, a fact we’ve reiterated to our friends living in the temperate zone many times over—Singaporeans have been known to be fantastic at complaining, after all. How many times have we tried to ‘dress light’ only to end up sweaty and sticky all again? Still, unless you’re heading to the beach, we don’t believe in wearing shorts and flip-flops outside of the house.

How can you dress with minimal layers of clothing and still stay fashionable? Fortunately for us guys, there's a sizeable amount of quality male clothing stores out there, just waiting to be found. For international brands, Department stores like TANGS and Robinsons are a great place to start, while boutique shops such as Actually and The Redundant Shop are great for finding small local labels.

We'll tell you where to get that elusive jacket, which barbershop to go to for a genuine pompadour, who are the style icons you should follow, which shopping events you absolutely must go to, where to get your clothes tailored, and how to put it all together. Soon, you'll be getting nods of approval from even your most fashionista of friends.

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