If by now you haven’t realised just how good MAAD (Market of Artist and Designers) at the red dot design museum is…well quite frankly, you must be living under a mossy stone somewhere. Regular readers of City Nomads will know that we are major fans of the monthly market…even going as far as to say that we think it’s the best market in town. And we’re clearly not the only ones….

Every month the iconic red dot traffic building is transformed into a creative playground for artists, designers and local musicians with over 60 booths showcasing original creations to crowds hungry for creativity. If it’s not on your list of go-to places to get a refreshing dose of creativity then I’m sorry….but do we know you?

As well as a visual feast for the eyes, there is also one for the ears – last month visitors got treated to awesome performances by local acts One Hat Town and Obedient Wives Club…

But what about this month?

Well….excuse me for saying that the market is so awesome, that you might even forget to check out the museum’s collections which form the amazing backdrop of this regular affair. So this month, make sure you keep your eyes wide open to that backdrop because the museum will be unveiling a superb selection of award-winning design works with something to excite everyone.

Get set to soak up the latest trends causing a stir in the world of international design with over 1,000 winning exhibits from the red dot design museum’s new 2012/2013 Winner’s Exhibition. As you mooch around the market, get a double whammy by exploring awe-inspiring designs from all over the world covering everything from architecture and urban design, fashion, interior design, technology and even automobiles – phew!

But it doesn’t stop there, you can also take in awesome works from the red dot award: communication design 2011, including posters, event designs, films, illustrations and typography which will be presented for the very first time in Asia.

Clockwise from top: Seaser Lounge Chair, Mykita Mylon Eyewear, Sonic Headphones, Big Business 3, and Copy On Campaign.

As well as all that, plus all the usual awesomeness, the cool gigs will continue this month with Hanging up the Moon and Rachel Teo to make sure that the stimulation hits you from all directions.

So where will you be this Friday 3 August? If you’re not planning on being at MAAD, then we’d like to suggest you must be more mad than the maddest of madhatters!