Superfoods, cold press juices, and lunchtime workouts – it’s clear that healthy living is at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days. If the usual yoga and pilates classes aretoo boring for the scintillating cosmopolite that you are, these alternative workouts might catch your interest…enough to get you off your couch potato bum!

Adult Gymnastics

It’s time to upgrade from the playground cartwheels of the past. Get into Olympic-level Artistic Gymnastics at GymKraft, which offers AdultGym classes for students aged 13 and above. Develop your flexibility and agility in the various elements of Artistic Gymnastics, from the vault to floor exercises. Don’t see yourself becoming the next Simone Biles? Learn how to traverse the urban jungle with Adult Parkour, a full body, fast-paced sport that is sure to leave the CBD rush hour crowd biting your dust, should you choose to display your skills in public.

Where to learn: GymKraft100 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399718, p +65 6677 6988. 

Fees: $295 for 8 lessons

Figure Skating

Alternative Workouts in Singapore: Fitness Classes For The Bored Gym-goer - Figure SkatingAnother sport for the aspiring Olympian, figure skating promises to sculpt your core and legs, all with a healthy dose of showmanship. Leave your running shoes at home and break out the sequinned leotard at The Rink, which offers year-round ice skating course for all skill levels. Start with learning the fundamentals like correct posture and forward swizzles in the Basic Core classes, and proceed to more impressive tricks like back spins and waltz jumps in Advanced Level sessions. Either way, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment for participating in (literally) the coolest workout in town.

Where to learn: The Rink, 2 Jurong East Central 1, Level 3 JCube, Singapore 609731, email:

Prices: $171.20 for five 30 min weekly lessons and a 2 hour open skate practice after each lesson

Indoor Surfing

Alternative Workouts in Singapore: Fitness Classes For The Bored Gym-goer - Indoor surfing

Can’t take the cold? Acquaint yourself with the sunny sport of surfing with Surfset Fitness, which dubs themselves “the world’s most unique workout”. With a strong focus on training your core, build that surfer’s body through balancing on a custom made unstable surfboard while mimicking the actions of real-life surfing. A great way to build lean muscle and improve core strength, indoor surfing is your Baywatch-approved ticket to sculpting the perfect summer bod.

Where to learn: Surfset Fitness Singapore, 454B Joo Chiat Road, 3rd Storey, Singapore 427667, p. +65  9751 0793.

Price: $35 for one class, $310 for 10 classes.

Barre Workouts


You don’t need a tutu or dance experience for this- barre workouts incorporate elements of ballet into pilates-centric exercises to tone and build muscle in a fun, dynamic way. Sink down into deep pliés, rise up in uplifting relevés, and tone your thighs with controlled tendus as your legs and glutes get a full workout in these guided classes. Unfamiliar with these terms? A few lessons will easily get you sorted, and before long, you’ll be dancing through the sessions with all the elegance and grace of a professional ballerina.

Where to learn: Webarre, 86B Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088507, p +65 6221 5539 (Tanjong Pagar branch), 5A Stanley Street, Singapore 068724, p +65 6221 9256 (Telok Ayer branch).

Prices: $38 for one class, $330 for 10 classes.

Indoor Cyclingcrucyle

If you were one of the 900 million viewers of Ariana Grande’s Side to Side music video, you would have witnessed the allure of indoor cycling, or spin class- flashing lights, loud music, and a fast-paced lesson all combine to distract you from the insane mileage you’re clocking on the stationary bike. Perfect for music lovers, themed rides such as Brit-Yonce and Latina Fire let you cycle to your favourite soundtrack, and the enthusiastic encouragement from the trainers truly compel you to challenge your limits. A fair warning: the clip-on pedals and bike adjustments can get more than a little complicated, so be prepared to ask for help from the facilitators.

Where to learn: Crucycle, 68 Duxton Road, Singapore 089527, p +65 6509 8880.

Prices: $45 for one class, $400 for 10 classes.

Aerial Yoga

upside motion

Float like a butterfly in this low-impact workout as you transition from yoga pose to yoga pose while suspended in silk hammocks. Deepen your stretches and lengthen your body with the pull of gravity, allowing you to achieve more difficult poses with less strain on your joints and spine. Don’t be fooled by the relaxing appearance of the class- the precise art of balancing in mid-air fully works your core, and will make your muscles sting like a bee the day after.

Where to learn: Upside Motion, 36 Armenian Street #02-03, Singapore 17993, p +65 6636 6859.

Price: $40 for one class, $345 for 10 classes.

Trampoline Classes


Give the Energiser Bunny a run for its money with trampoline classes at BOUNCEinc Singapore, which promises a fun, invigorating cardio session. Endorsed by NASA (who called it “the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man“), rebound exercise, or in more layman terms, jumping on a trampoline, is certainly a great way to make sure you shake off those calories from lunch. This low-impact exercise gets your heart rate pumping in no time, as you juggle balancing, controlling your core, and landing in the same spot thousands of times in a single session.

Where to learn: BOUNCEinc Singapore, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #09-01, Singapore 239695, p +65 6816 2879.

Prices: $25 per class, $200 for 10 classes.

Bungee Workouts

If trampoline workouts and aerial yoga had a baby, it’d be bungee workouts. Suspend yourself to a bungee cord attached to the ceiling and try out tricks like one-handed pushups, plunging to the floor, and bouncing off walls in this high-intensity resistance workout. Channel your inner friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man as you train your core and perform flips, jumps and spins in mid-air.

Where to learn: DanceVault Studios, 135 East Coast Road #02-01, Singapore 428820 (Studio 1), 176 East Coast Road, Singapore 428882 (Studio 2), 48 Woodleigh Park, The Arena PUB Recreation Club, Singapore 357844 (DanceVault at The Arena), p +65 9146 0980.

Prices: $28 per class.

Engaging, interesting, and most of all, unique, these alternative workouts are sure to inject adventure into the monotony of everyday life. With so many different options, there’s no reason not to get your heart pumping- if not from the exercise, then from the thrill of trying something new.