They’re not as Instagram-worthy as piles of cash, but lifestyle payment cards can do plenty for your social life. And yet, these cards are just one of the many consumer finance brands coming into Singapore these past years. There was YouTrip, there was GrabPay, and who can forget all the eAng Baos we received on DBS PayLah!?

There’s a good reason for all of this. Singapore is the biggest trendsetting market in the region, and even if we don’t like to admit it, we’re obsessed with getting the best deals and savings so we can spend that extra money on things we like: staycations, parties, and that big London trip we’ve always dreamed about. See? It pays to be kiasu.

Late last year, MCO Visa Card entered the Singapore market to cater to a new generation of discerning consumers and their lifestyle demands. To date, it has received over 400,000 mobile app downloads and 125,000 cards reservations around the world, including the US, so that’s got to mean something right? Luckily, Singaporeans are the first to receive the MCO Visa Card! Here’s a rundown of the cardholder benefits.

The card for ardent travellers

Wake up to homemade breakfast at this Airbnb on Jirisan, the second tallest mountain in South Korea

Are you all about overseas experiences? Well, the MCO Visa Card can be used wherever Visa is accepted, and enables you to earn up to 10% rebate for each purchase on Expedia and Airbnb. What’s more, you can spend like a local with interbank exchange rates (that is, the “Google exchange rate”). The savings really pile up!

Plus, a free ATM monthly withdrawal of SGD$1,000 means you have easy access to cash in cash-centric countries like Germany, Japan, and India without incurring extra charges that banks normally impose. Even if you cross the limit, the surcharge is a very reasonable 2%. Of course, you can also withdraw cash in Singapore with the usual ATM5 network.

A metal card with no annual fee

Except for the free Midnight Blue card, all MCO Visa Cards come in a luxurious metal form factor — status symbol much? It gets better too. While many credit cards come with confusing terms, annual fees, or minimum requirements for rewards, the MCO Visa has zero annual, monthly, or delivery fees. Because keeping up with all the terms and conditions doesn’t have to feel like a full-time job. In addition, all cardholders can enjoy up to 5% cashback on both local and overseas spending.

Spotify and Netflix subscriptions are basically free

Recognise any of these stars on Netflix?

The MCO Visa Card is designed around the passions of their users — even if your passion is to binge on Netflix all day. Stop leeching on your friend’s account and enjoy up to 100% rebates for Spotify and Netflix subscriptions, which equates to around $30 saved every month. Now you can watch Game of Thrones without any guilt and listen to music…in a submarine.

Free access to airport lounges every time you fly

SATS Premier Lounge at Changi International Airport T2

Always envious of frequent flyers who get access to airport lounges? MCO Visa Card has partnered with LoungeKey to bring you access to over 1000 lounges in some 400 airports across more than 120 countries — yes, Singapore too. That’s free and unlimited access regardless of your airline or ticket class, and depending on which card you choose, you can even bring in a plus one with you.

How to use the MCO Visa Card

Alright, so you’ve reserved your first MCO Visa Card — now what? As a prepaid card, you add US dollars and use the card just like a debit or credit card. To be precise, you’re required to first purchase MCO tokens that will then be converted easily in-app into actual cash (it supports EUR, GBP, SGD, HKD, JPY, and AUD) without any transaction fees. The Ruby Steel MCO Visa Card is a great entry point that comes with a beautiful metal card, free Spotify, as well some aforementioned perks. Learn more about the MCO Visa Card’s different tiers here and below.

This post is sponsored by MCO Visa Card.