There is no doubt that beaches are one of the major attractions that cause a huge influx of international and domestic tourists who want to visit the Island of Gods, also known as Bali. Kuta Beach is one of the more popular beaches as most will know. Kuta’s reputation as a tourist hotspot ensures that this beach is always crowded – even the small street stalls located along Kuta Beach. In addition to Kuta Beach, Double Six and Seminyak are also very well known among the crowds. HOWEVER, it’s not just about these tourist hot spots when it comes to beaches in Bali. There are are plenty of other lesser known alternatives, and its time to share the knowledge with you. So enjoy these 8 beaches to beat the crowds.

1. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach less known beach cool beaches bali

Beautiful beaches characterized by great waves have always drawn travelers to Bali. Balangan is a favorite location for world-class surfers because the waves are too beautiful to miss. Balangan is located down on the southern peninsula. On this beach, there are several small shops selling instant food, small snacks, and cold beer. For those of you who like to sunbathe, don’t worry because you can rent chairs for the small shops along the beach.

2. Geger Nusa Dua Beach

Geger Nusa Dua less known beach cool beaches bali

This beach is one you must visit if you love to swim. This hidden gem is located near the hotel Nikko Bali or behind the Mulia Bali. The clean, white sand and calm sea are perfect for those who love to swim. Unfortunately, along the coast it is difficult to find small food and beverage vendors however there are several cafés that offer seafood as well as international cuisine- such as pizza and pasta that rival some of the best restaurants in Italy. For those that crave local flavour, Indonesian cuisine restaurant can be from there too.

3. Suluban Beach or Blue Point Beach

Suluban less known beach cool beaches bali

Located not too far from the coast of Padang-Padang and Uluwatu Temple, Suluban beach is a hidden treasure. To get to the beach you have to navigate a lot of stairs that lead into the reef that forms a beautiful cave. After passing through the cave, you will get to see the view of the vast white sandy beach surrounded by high cliffs. Gorgeous. This beach is one of the most famous Uluwatu surf breaks. For the big wave lovers, this beach is an essential location. However, during peak holiday seasons, the beach gets very crowded. But for visitors who just want to swim and not wanting to get too much sun. This is a beach to be as it is surrounded by cliffs, making it a shady swimming spot.

4. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa less known beach cool beaches bali

If you want to enjoy other white sandy beaches on the coast, in addition to the three above, Pandawa is a must see. This beach is located in the village of Kutuh, Badung. It will blow you away with its beautiful views. The beach is currently popular among domestic tourists, and is fast becoming one of the destinations that must be included on their tour schedule. To enter this coastal area, you will pass through a road that is flanked by steep cliffs. Next to these cliffs there is a statue of Panca Pandawa, the namesake of Pandawa Beach. In addition to swimming activities, canoes are also available for rent (1 canoe costs Rs. 15.000 and can fit two people). If you want to sunbathe, food stalls here provide chairs as well as umbrella rentals for sunbathing.

5. Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl less known beach cool beaches bali

Among local beaches better known as Bali Beach Cliff, this beach’s name is Hidden Beach Unggasan and can be an excellent spot for surfing. This beach has been nicknamed Green Bowl because when the water recedes, you can see the reef which is overgrown with green moss in the shape of a bowl. This beach has similarities to the beach Pandawa because Unggasan Cliff Beach is located on the west coast of the Pandavas. However, Turkish Green Bowl  has no shoreline along the coast Pandawa. If you are on holiday at Pandawa Beach, parking is close by, whereas to reach Green Bowl beach you have to descend 300 stairs. A good work out for the day! After you get to the bottom of the stairs and catch your breath from the stair workout, you would get to witness a breathtaking view.

6. Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Beach cool beaches bali

This beach is located in Jimbaran Village, near the area of Pura Segara Tegal Wangi. Tegal Wangi Beach is quite accessible. Vehicles can drive towards the beach area. But still not a lot of tourist know of this beach. There are many post signs around the area to direct you to the location of the beach. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. The beach is surrounded by steep cliffs which creates a beautiful and different view compare to most beaches. There are a lot of activities that you can do at Tagal Wangi Beach. Over here, you have a chance to fish by renting a boat from the locals. You can also relax and refresh your mind, enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach. In recent years this beach is often used for pre-wedding photo location in Bali with a sunset background. If you want to enjoy the view of the sunset with a change, this is the beach to check out.

7. White Sand Beach Perasi Karangasem

White Sand Beach Perasi Karangasem cool beaches bali

Perasi Beach Karangasem more known among foreign tourists by the name of ‘White Sand Beach’ or ‘Virgin Beach’. This is one beach with multiple names so don’t get confuse with the names and thinking that there are multiple beaches at one same location! When you enter the village Perasi, try asking the locals around as the beach is very well hidden.
To reach this beach, it is an approximate 20 minutes drive from Candidasa. The beach is adjacent to one of the tourist attractions in Bali, Taman Ujung Karangasem Park. This park is often used by professionals to create pre wedding photos in Bali. But for those of you who want a deserted beach away from the crowds, clean and no pollution, the distance and hassle to locate this beach would be well worth it. The crystal clear waters and serenity will not disappoint.

8. Amed Beach

cool beaches bali

Located about two hours drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, the beach is located at the eastern tip of Bali. This beach is rarely heard of among domestic tourists, but well heard off amongst the foreign tourists. Amed beach is next to Tulamben Beach. It is not a best beach to catch the sunrise but if you are looking more for deep water adventures, Amed beach is the choice. Most visitors who venture to Amed beach are usually people who want to snorkel and scuba diving.

There are countless beaches in Bali but these are the top 8 that one should check out if you are a beach lover!

Top Image Credit: Kai Lehmann