Did you know that United Airlines is the world’s largest airline when measured by the number of destinations served? A pioneer member of the acclaimed Star Alliance, United flies non-stop to about 357 airports worldwide, including a relatively new route from Singapore to San Francisco – twice daily.

Sure, the airline might have had a rough couple of years, but we reckon it’s time they make a comeback. Here are four compelling reasons to fly United when making your holiday plans to San Fran, the West Coast, and beyond.

Twice daily non-stop flights from Singapore

With United Airlines, you’ll get twice the convenience with twice as many direct flight options each day. That means you get to choose when to arrive – in the morning or in the evening – to best suit your needs. Needless to say, you also get quick and efficient connections from San Fran to 280 other destinations in the Americas, including New York, Las Vegas, and Boston.

Attractive rates with great value

We get it – it’s cool (and admirable, even) to have the homegrown airlines as a go to. But when it comes to price and the benefits that you’re getting in return, there’s no denying that there are other options out there. What if we told you that United is very focused on making the most out of every dollar you spend? The airline’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners are equipped with huge overhead bins so all your items can go above, as well as spacious seats with generous incline. Plus, the service crew is friendly, personable, and ready to help at a moment’s notice.

There’s great entertainment and fantastic food

At over 14 hours, a trip between Singapore and the Bay Area is surely one of the longest non-stop flights you’ll ever fly. Good thing that United recently upgraded its inflight experience to new heights. In addition to the speedy WiFi on board, the great entertainment system brings you the best international films (including plenty of new releases) and TV shows to make the flight more enjoyable and productive. All caught up on shows? Chill out with a well-curated playlist of songs or challenge your neighbour to a game of Battleship.

There’s a delicious new multi-course food menu that includes healthier and gluten-free options: think cranberry pumpkin quinoa salads and seared sweet chilli chickens on lemongrass fried rice, along with premium desserts like gelato, sorbet, or even regional specialities. Alcohol-wise, beers and house wines are complimentary, because how else does one go into a deep snooze with all that spare time? You might even like to purchase their new Old Fashioned cocktail or seasonal craft beers.

Because San Francisco is simply fabulous

There’s no place quite like San Francisco. The summers are cool, there’s a lot of hip music and theatre events, a thriving wine scene and it’s home to the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. It’s also one of the most walkable and cycle-able cities in the United States, with plenty to see along the Bay. No wonder it’s overtaken New York as the most influential city of the future. Did we mention it’s a city that really dotes on dogs, too?

From San Francisco, it’s easy to get around and out of California to must-see destinations such as Los Angeles (Hollywood!), San Diego, as well as the Sin City – Vegas, baby! When you’re ready to go on your American adventure at a price you can totally afford, United will be waiting.

This post is sponsored by United Airlines.

Top Image courtesy of Mike McBey