In the past year I have lost count of how many articles from media around the world about I have read about Singapore: Whether it be about how Singapore is now the most expensive city in the world, or about its impressive futuristic landscape. In any case, with rising wealth, greater internationalisation, the nightlife scene was bound to take off as well! And boy are there plenty of bars and clubs in Singapore now.

Whilst the older generation of clubs in Clarke Quay remain somewhat passé, and with Zouk appearing to be closing after an two-decade long illustrious career, the are gaps to be filled… The demand is there, and the new supply appears to be never-ending. Having said that, there’s definitely a few places that come to mind when deciding on what are the hippest and hottest venues in Singapore in 2014, and here’s what we Nomads think are the top 6 bars/clubs:

The Library

47 Keong Saik Road, Singapore, 089153

I have to admit, i didn’t use to be a fan of The Library when it first opened. Quite likely due to their ‘password policy’ which just annoys me. Having said that, if you are planning a night at The Library, they publish their weekly password on their twitter feed at @shh_49 so it’s really not that difficult to find it.

However, in early 2014, they redesigned the place, changed the menu and invited a new bar manager. Since then, the vibe at The Library has gone from being one of pretence and poncey cocktails to a place which combines some of my favouite things on a night out:

Great drinks? Check.

Great music? Check.

Good crowd? Check.

It’s not exactly a place to go dancing, but for a night out with friends it’s a superb choice.


Regent Singapore lvl 2, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore, 249715

Located at The Regent Hotel, you’d never expect to find such an incredibly grand and impressive bar located on the second floor. With several private rooms, a kick-ass bar food menu and an incredibly impressive stock of bottles from around the world, Manhattan is visually stunning. Head barman Ricky Paiva, easily recognised by his Dali-esque moustache and dapper outfits leads a team of experts in making some of the best drinks in Singapore.

Manhattan Regent Hotel hottest bars and clubs in Singapore

Manhattan is somewhere that would appeal more to the lounge crowd and is certainly not a banging club, but for a place to put on your finest suit or dress and take a night out all ‘Mad Men’ style, Manhattan is the place. Another round Gatsby?

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KILO Lounge

66 Kampong Bugis, Singapore, 338987

Since the closing of Home Club, a void was left unfilled for the alternative and non-mainstream music crowd. In early 2014, this void was happily filled by KILO Lounge. Located at the top floor of the TURE building at 66 Kampong Bugis by the Kallang river, and founded by the same guys behind the 2nd floor restaurant KILO, their lounge offers a great night out away from the top 40s chart hits of the main clubs. On a weekly basis, some of Singapore’s best DJs mix here, spinning everything from funk, RnB to old school hip hop and reggae, turning this spacious and industrial-feeling bar into something of a dance club.

Drinks here are good but don’t expect gourmet world-class cocktails. They are however reasonably priced compared to other nightlife spots around town.

Blu Jaz Café

12 Bali Lane, Singapore, 189848

Blu Jaz Café is one of the longest running restaurant/bar/club concepts in Singapore. Located in the historic Kampong Glam/Arab Street area, Blu Jaz plays host to local, expat, chic, hipster and yuppie crowd. It’s somewhere that seems be the home of closet hippies and funk-addicts, bankers by day, b-boys by night.

Blu Jaz Cafe - Bali Lane hottest bars and clubs in Singapore

The three floor complex combines a range of activities on any given night, from Spoken word and poetry recitals to full blown club nights going strong until 3am. Expect anything from Big Band and Jazz to 90s Garage. If you’re looking for a hip vibe and a friendly crowd, Blu Jaz is somewhere that proves time and time again to be one of the best options in our fair city.


1 Raffles Place, Singapore, 048616

Seemingly perched on the roof of Singapore’s skyline, Altitude is probably the best rooftop bar/club for a night out. At 282m high and with 360 degree views of the city, the view on a clear night is absolutely enchanting, showcasing just how beautiful the city of Singapore is.

1-Altitude hottest bars and clubs in Singapore

Catering to the more mainstream, office and tourist crowd, you can expect the music to be on the more familiar radio-favourites side of things. They do however showcase some excellent international DJs from time to time, so be sure to check out the City Nomads events listing so keep in the loop.

You may also want to check out Altimate, their ‘ultra-lounge’ if you’re looking for somewhere a bit luxurious to sip your drinks.

And finally…..


2 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands (Crystal Pavillion South), Singapore, 018956

Personally, I like the idea of a night out at Pangea about as much as I like the idea of getting a headache. But that’s just me. The fact that Pangea is one of the world’s most profitable club must mean that the foot-fall and sheer volume of people going to this place is I’m guessing a lot of people like it.

Pangea hottest bars and clubs in Singapore

What are your favourite night clubs in Singapore?