Most people probably know Shinedoe simply from dancing to her music. The down-to-earth, positive vibe that surrounds her speaks loudly in her compositions as well as in her DJ sets. Her story has been one of a relentless, infectious passion for high quality electronic dance music from the moment she caught the bug two decades ago. With a sharp eye on the future, a keen ear for what’s hot, she has both feet set firmly in traditions from places such as Detroit, Chicago and Amsterdam.

Starting in 2001, her Amsterdam-based Inmotion parties presented the international elite of techno and tech house to the capital’s community, something that still happens at Intacto Nights. Named after the imprint she founded in 2004 together with 2000 and One, this label night is her way to represent the brand’s impressive and diverse catalogue, and showcase its artists.

Ahead of her upcoming gigs at Kilo Lounge in Singapore and Air Festival in Gili Air, we caught up with Shinedoe and she shared with us her favourite spots in Amsterdam, the best thing about her city and that one thing everyone gets wrong about her.


Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Amsterdam.

Name the best and worst thing about your city.

What I love about my city is that you find ​many nationalities living here. Amsterdam is a small city, and with a bike you can get everywhere. It’s difficult for me to name the worst thing – maybe that summers here are very short.​​

Describe your music in 10 words or less.​

The music i produced is from techno to house. Deep stuff, sometimes freak… I don’t like to describe my music because I try to avoid putting it in a box. I just love to make electronic music from my heart. Looks like I passed the 10 words, ha.

What’s your earliest memory of music?​

Deep question, I really don’t know, to be honest.

Chocolate or ice-cream?​



What is the hardest thing you have learned since becoming a full-time artist?

That nowadays, it is not enough just to be a good DJ and producer. Social media plays a big role.

What is the one thing everyone gets wrong about you?​

Wow, I have no idea. Maybe that people think I play the same type of music that I produce. When I DJ, my sound is stronger and more energetic.

Coffee or tea?​


What are your favorite spots in Amsterdam?​

I love to go to the old movie theatre called The Movies and walking my dog at the Westerpark. I go clubbing less nowadays, so when I’m not touring I like to relax, visit family, and meet friends.

10. If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?​

I think working in management or health. I have a degree in Art Media Management and am a certified yoga teacher.

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