As a DJ and producer, Dennis Cruz is always setting trends with his freshest sounds and have always plots exciting musical journeys for the dancefloor fillers. He has woven together his wide musical influences and slick mix of styles all over Europe from Greece to the UK, across North and South America, Russia and all over Australia.

Before his upcoming gig at Kilo Lounge in Singapore this Friday, 28 April 2017, we managed to get him to share what he thinks about house music, as well as the best and worst thing about his city.

Where are you from?

I’m currently living in Ibiza, but I’m from Madrid. I have my studio, family and friends in Madrid.

Describe your surroundings right now.

I’m in the studio in Madrid, finishing some tracks.

Name the best thing and worst thing about your city?

The best thing is the people, and the worst is that the politics here don’t help the music culture like in other cities.

What do you think house music is all about?

House music is a feeling, it’s a connection between the people.

Tell us the three things you love about Ibiza?

I love the beach, the food, and of course the parties.

dennis cruz

Is getting out from behind the booth and dancing on the floor still something you consider essential for the growth of DJs?

Of course, you need to feel the vibes on the dance floor; how the crowd react to the music.

Are there any tracks or artists in particular that you are playing constantly these days?

I’m playing lots of tracks from many different artists. It’s difficult to name one, but I love the new music coming on my label – it helps a lot in my sets.

Tell us about your creative process while producing a track.

I don’t think to much about it, just try to keep a good groove in the track. That said, it always depends on the feelings in the studio.

Aside from the music you make, is there a genre in music that you would like to explore but haven’t gotten around to dive into it yet?

I have worked in many genres before, since I was previously a sound engineer for many bands. I’m not closed to any genres.

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