Weaving a combination of techno house, punk and funky sounds effortlessly, SHADED’s sound is undeniable in character and is breathing new life into the techno house world. Growing up in Newport Beach, California, SHADED (also known as Styler Taugher) spent his formative years skating, surfing and playing music. He started out as one-half of SHDWPLAY in 2009, and the four EPs released on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC imprint quickly became well-regarded staples in techno ranks around the world. That newfound recognition, coupled with the desire for creative individuality, prompted his decision to pursue his solo career as SHADED.

Ever since, SHADED has played at festivals and venues worldwide including Warung in Brazil, Sankeys in  Ibiza, Kazantip in Ukraine, Ultra Festival in Singapore and Bali, BPM Festival, EGG London, and ADE in Amsterdam. Currently on his Asia tour and at Epizode Festival, we managed to catch up with the man and got him to answer these ten questions.


Describe your surroundings right now.

I’m sitting in my hotel in Miami, waiting to go to sound check before the show tonight at HEART. It is NYE weekend, so it is a bit wild.

What’s your favorite record shop on the planet?

I don’t have one, really. I use to go to Tower records as a kid on the regular, but since that went down, I have transitioned over to digital for the most part, other than the random oldies vinyls I collect.

How do you choose the first song of your DJ sets?

I play live, and I have about 5 different tracks that always work, depending on the vibe the previous DJ or act has set. Even though I play live, I like to keep a semi fluid tone in the room.

Besides music, what are you interested in?

Surfing is by far my favorite hobby as well as skating. Other than that, I have gotten more into yoga; I am a big MMA fan, and like bouldering.

Who or what do you miss most when you are on the road, and why?

Well, I miss my girlfriend, for obvious reasons, as well as my family and friends. I guess being on the road is a very isolating feeling, and very bipolar in a way. One moment you are in a club with full on party mode, then the next moment you are in your hotel room by yourself getting ready to go sit on an airplane for 5 hours. It is very odd.


Looking back at the past year, is there one gig that stands out as the best one you’ve played?

I have had a few really stand out ones this year, but most recently I played in my home town at a place called La Cave. I do a party there once a year before the Thanksgiving holiday, and it is always special because loads of family is in town, and I get to reconnect with a lot of people I have not seen for a while. Plus it’s where I played my first DJ set out in public, so the place is sentimental to me.

Apart from playing at Epizode Festival 2017 on Phu Quoc island, you’ll be playing in other parts of Asia too. Tell us three things you love about Asia.

The food is phenomenal, the beaches are perfect, and you can get a massage for less than the price of a cocktail.

What do you think the electronic music scene could do with or without right now to push it forward?

I think polls, like the ranking systems, all need to go. It is so f*cking stupid. It is a pretty skewed and biased representation of the landscape musically.

Who is an artist (alive or dead) that you would want to work with, and why?

I would have to say Vangelis, as his compositions have inspired me in countless ways, especially in electronica.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given or been given when it comes to music?

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. So if you are always ready, you don’t got to get ready.”

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